About Us

Our family have been farming in the Holderness area for 3 generations and Fairview Lodges are built on Fairview Farm which once housed pigs. All the lodges are named after breeds of pigs as a memento to the old use of this farmland.

These natural log lodges were designed by us and imported from sustainable sources in Finland, each lodge was delivered as individual logs and built on-site by members of the family and local labour. All 3 generations of our family are involved with the building and running of Fairview, alongside our farm, including Grandparents and teenage children!

A warm East Yorkshire welcome awaits your stay at our luxury log lodges, our welcome pack includes, fresh locally baked bread, Yorkshire made jam, milk from a local East Yorkshire creamery , Yorkshire tea and Grandma Wilde’s Yorkshire made biscuits.

The park has just 13 lodges and we aim to give our guests a personal welcome and ensure they have a relaxing and comfortable stay in a large natural log lodge, enjoying the local countryside, with well-designed and beautifully appointed interiors.

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